CUTV and its slanted reporting and libelous behavior towards myself

I recently encountered two volunteers from CUTV at the Segal Center, where they were reviewing a play and inviting comments. They invited me to be interviewed and when I learned they were from CUTV, I shared with them my grievance with the station. The fact that since Laith Marouf has become station manager of CUTV, He personally called me a “racist” and barred me from participating as a volunteer, an action I consider libelous. (I had been a full fledged volunteer in good standing for two prior years)  and the reporting at CUTV has become slanted to support the Palestinian cause using student funds to advance these aims.

CUTV was started by Ralph Lee, a Concordia student, to further worthy causes in the community and it has done so over the years. However, recently I received this post from CUTV.

Date:     January 26, 2012 12:17:04 PM EST


Each year in May, Palestinian refugees mark the exodus from their homeland by a demonstration called Nakbah. CUTV covered the 63rd Nakbah demonstration in Montreal as one thousand strong gathered to educate the public on their plight. In 1948, 7 million Palestinians were expelled from their homes and their villages destroyed. 63 years later, Israel continues to occupy and colonize Palestinian land through the construction of Jewish only settlements which the protesters say is in direct violation of international human rights. Their slogan is a quote by Nelson Mandela stating that Palestinians do not want a state, they want “freedom, liberation and equality.”

I wonder if you can find the propaganda and lies hidden in this seemingly journalistic statement. For one, seven million is a gross exaggeration of the number of refugees who fled Israel. PS: They were not expelled and we have proof of this.

This is what has been termed “stealth jihad” and I wonder if Concordia students are aware that their student dollars are going to support this biased reporting. Many well meaning volunteers spend countless dedicated hours contributing to CUTV. They need to understand the direction that CUTV is taking and that certain members of CUTV, Laith Marouf and Laura Kneale, are pulling it towards. I know that you, dear students, would also want to address the issue of the student airwaves being hijacked.

On the subject of Israel/apartheid and the Boycott Divestment Sanction movement which has now been recognized as a slanderous and anti-semitic program against Israel, I invite you to listen to Prof. Gerstenfeld who spoke on this topic at Concordia University.

I invite your response and ideas for how to address this issue on our campus. Yes, I too am a Concordia student.

What’s going on at the New York Times?

third jihad

Having lived in New York City for many years I always revered and enjoyed the New York Times until l began to hear that some people were boycotting it for it’s anti-Israel reporting. I started looking at it more carefully and just today I noticed two disturbing reports that I would like to share with you.

Have you noticed the reporting in the New York times about CAIR demonstrating to have Ray Kelley, New York City Police commissioner, dismissed? The reason for the demonstrations is that he showed the film ” The Third Jihad.” as part of his officers training to anti-terrorism squads. I am very pleased that the makers of the film “The Third Jihad” have put out a youtube video documenting the smear tactics used against their film, The Third Jihad and  Ray Kelley by the New York Times reporter.


An article in Commentary Magazine also caught my eye, New NYT Jerusalem Chief Reaches Out to Israel-Bashers and again I lost all respect for the New York times’ choice of editors. It is reported here that the New Jerusalem bureau chief has been tweeting Ali Abunimah. I happened to have heard Ali Abunimah speak at the last Israel/apartheid meeting in Montreal. He has an impressive English academic accent. I could not believe what came out of his mouth as a response to a question I posed to him at that meeting. By the way, I audio recorded it if anyone has any doubts about what he said.

I asked him how he thought the Jews who have been expelled from Arab lands and are living in Israel would be treated after the Palestinians get to take back “their country” i.e. the current State of Israel. He said to me without a moment’s hesitation, “They would be welcomed back to the countries from which they were expelled” How bizarre is that? Can you see Iraq, Egypt, Lybia, Syria or Iran welcoming Jews back any time soon?  I wish it were so!!! And that there was free access, without fear of arrest and beheading, to all law abiding citizens, in all of these countries. Coming from The New York Times, it’s all quite shocking.

I welcome your comments.

Anti-semitism Anyone?

Recently I received the following posts with anti-semetic, despicable comments. The first was a response to a Youtube video about the Delegitimation of Israel:

“Jews have been kicked out of EVERYWHERE THEY GO – BECAUSE of WHAT Jews DO. Jews create the hostility and fury in others. Jews have EVIL, vicious beliefs. Judaism is SICK and HATEFUL, and grotesquely racist. It’s not Gentiles that are the problem – it’s JEWS.”

– ThusSpakeDenise

The second, a facebook post which a friend sent me asking if I could comment on.

“I’m fed up with the jews constantly reminding us of what happend to them, like they are the only ones who have suffered. Look at what israel is doing now- trying to take control of the whole world through evil means like 911. as far as i am concerened they got there money back and more. they own the usa film industry and lie to us on a daily basis. slavery was worst and we still haven’t been compenstated for the crimes committed against us and still have to exist with this evil lie as being less human than white people. yet between 12 – 18th century we had black kings running europe- bet you dont know about that. i’m glad the west is falling because not one of you care or think about the lives of african people. the west’s wealth exist because of africa yet you still keep africa and its people imprisoned in poverty. shame on all of you- TIMES ARE CHANGING-WE KNOW THE TRUTH. bottom line you cant build a civilization on lies and expect something long lasting and good to come out of it. YOU ARE ALL RACIST…SO SHUT UP ABOUT THE JEWS- they do not walk on water and their claim to israel is false they are desendants of russians, who by the way are not part of this global debt…”

– Liz Ejuone

I share them with you because none of us are prepared for this vicious outbreak of Jew hating, anti-semitism by individuals, which at times is still being sanctioned by NGOs and governments.

January 27th has been declared International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is the day the death camps in Europe were liberated by the allies 65 years ago.

This article in the Huffington Post details the rise of Anti-semitic events in countries all over the world, including Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The biggest reason to worry about this, is the silence of you and me, and at times the support offered by state authorities to anti-semitic policies. In another recently published article, In the Shadow of Wansee, we see the secret plan that the legitimate Nazi government devised to list every Jew in the world and to exterminate each one. The document was was marked Top Secret, and only 30 copies were ever produced. Most of the documents were destroyed but copy #16 of 30 of the Wansee protocol still survives. It is worth looking at. Interestingly, the author notes:

“All genocides have been couched in euphemism and their memory, after the fact, subject to political and mendacious assault. The victims are thus twice murdered, first physically and again as their name is erased from history – a phenomenon I have called memoricide.”

Apparently the perpetrators, although convinced of the rightness of their efforts, still want to hide their deeds, and maintain some shame about their efforts.

The Nazi engineered Holocaust exposed anti-semitism, Jew hatred for the dangerous racist creed that it is. Everyone now knows about anti-semitism. Its current rise and contemporary implications must be squarely addressed by individuals, institutions and governments. We all have to do our part, and we can only do this if our eyes and ears remain open.

I invite your comments regarding your experience, wherever you are, and what you are doing about it where you are.

SIAP – Student Israel Advocacy Program, Montreal

Last week I attended a SIAP class on anti-semitism and the media, given by prof. Fred Krantz. SIAP (Student Israel Advocacy Program), is a seminar for university students offered by the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research in Montreal (CIJR).

Prof. Krantz started off by giving a definition of anti-semitism. I share with you here two definitions of antisemitism.

“Bernard Lewis defines anti-semitism as a special case of prejudice, hatred, or persecution directed against people who are in some way different from the rest. According to Lewis, antisemitism is marked by two distinct features: Jews are judged according to a standard different from that applied to others, and they are accused of “cosmic evil.”

In 2005, the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (now Fundamental Rights Agency), then an agency of the European Union, developed a more detailed working definition, which states:

“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” It adds “such manifestations could also target the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity.” It provides contemporary examples of antisemitism, which include: promoting the harming of Jews in the name of an ideology or religion; promoting negative stereotypes of Jews; holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of an individual Jewish person or group; denying the Holocaust or accusing Jews or Israel of exaggerating it; and accusing Jews of dual loyalty or a greater allegiance to Israel than their own country. It also lists ways in which attacking Israel could be antisemitic, e.g. by claiming that the existence of a state of Israel is a racist endeavor, or applying double standards by requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation, or holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel.”

And then I discovered this short trailer for the movie Judeophobia.I thought this was an especially cogent summation about the current state of affairs regarding antisemitism from some of the best minds around.

The second part of Prof. Krantz’ talk was to point out how anti-Israel bias manifests itself in the media via the choice of articles and words in certain institutional papers, including The New York Times, The Tribune and others. He pointed out that It is important to remember that the editors choose what will go into the paper and how it is reported. This is amply apparent if you follow an NGO like Honest Reporting as I do. This year they even had a contest for who wrote the most dishonest articles, and the Guardian won.

And here is yesterday’s post from Honest Reporting called The Media Cheat Sheet.

If you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, I invite you to meet with an Italian journalist who will be speaking of his own experience in this area, this Monday February 6th, at Concordia and McGill.

The talk, titled “Friends of Israel, on a campus near you” looks at photojournalism and the role of the media in conflicts using Israel as a case study. The talk will feature Ruben Salvadori, an Italian photographer, who has worked extensively in Israel.

Salvadori will be @ CONCORDIA, EV Building Rm. 6.735 at NOON, and @ MCGILL Burnside 708 at 5:30pm on Monday February 6th.

The SIAP program is airing a film about antisemitism, called Obsession this Sunday between 2:00- 4:00pm, at Concordia University, (1515 St. Catherine St. W, corner Guy)
The film will be shown in EV building Room 6.735. (Fine Arts). Anyone interested is invited to attend.

(The plan is to meet in the lobby of the EV 10 minutes before 2pm & to go up as a group)

Chair: Prof. David Pariser, Concordia University
Moderator: Prof. Jean-Charles Chebat (HEC)

Next week, Wednesday February 8th, there will be another installment in the SIAP year long program which you are invited to attend. This class titled “From Balfour Declaration to Six Day War” (1917 -1967) will be given at the CIJR Board room @ 5:30 PM with Prof. Harold Waller of McGill University.
Anyone interested in enrolling is invited to contact CIJR to registerl.