Alan Dershowitz Delegitimization of Israel: Video in Four Parts

Alan Dershowitz, Yale graduate, Harvard law professor, who considers himself a dyed in the wool liberal, spoke about the current dynamics of de-legitimization of Israel in Europe, the US, and on college campuses  at the Shaar Hashomayim, (Montreal 9/15/2011) – Defending Israel from a Liberal perspective.The full lecture which included a dialogue between Allan Dershowitz and Irwin Cotler, the Liberal MP, former Canadian justice minister, law professor and human rights activist discussing the current state of affairs in Israel and the Middle East is captured below in four parts.

Part two of the talk reviews Dershowitz’ experiences in Europe, where he is blackballed by universities from speaking and has had to suffer the accusations that “Israel is worse than the Nazis!!!!”. The inroads that Arab Islamists and Palestinians have made towards delegitimizing Israel are truly shocking as per Dershowitz’ experiences in Europe.

(Parts 3 and 4) a discussion between Allan Dershowitz and Irwin Kotler is also worth watching as it shares the experiences of two individuals, both law professors, one a former Canadian minister of justice and a current member of the Canadian parliament, who have confronted these issues over many years.


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