Anti-semitism Anyone?

Recently I received the following posts with anti-semetic, despicable comments. The first was a response to a Youtube video about the Delegitimation of Israel:

“Jews have been kicked out of EVERYWHERE THEY GO – BECAUSE of WHAT Jews DO. Jews create the hostility and fury in others. Jews have EVIL, vicious beliefs. Judaism is SICK and HATEFUL, and grotesquely racist. It’s not Gentiles that are the problem – it’s JEWS.”

– ThusSpakeDenise

The second, a facebook post which a friend sent me asking if I could comment on.

“I’m fed up with the jews constantly reminding us of what happend to them, like they are the only ones who have suffered. Look at what israel is doing now- trying to take control of the whole world through evil means like 911. as far as i am concerened they got there money back and more. they own the usa film industry and lie to us on a daily basis. slavery was worst and we still haven’t been compenstated for the crimes committed against us and still have to exist with this evil lie as being less human than white people. yet between 12 – 18th century we had black kings running europe- bet you dont know about that. i’m glad the west is falling because not one of you care or think about the lives of african people. the west’s wealth exist because of africa yet you still keep africa and its people imprisoned in poverty. shame on all of you- TIMES ARE CHANGING-WE KNOW THE TRUTH. bottom line you cant build a civilization on lies and expect something long lasting and good to come out of it. YOU ARE ALL RACIST…SO SHUT UP ABOUT THE JEWS- they do not walk on water and their claim to israel is false they are desendants of russians, who by the way are not part of this global debt…”

– Liz Ejuone

I share them with you because none of us are prepared for this vicious outbreak of Jew hating, anti-semitism by individuals, which at times is still being sanctioned by NGOs and governments.

January 27th has been declared International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is the day the death camps in Europe were liberated by the allies 65 years ago.

This article in the Huffington Post details the rise of Anti-semitic events in countries all over the world, including Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The biggest reason to worry about this, is the silence of you and me, and at times the support offered by state authorities to anti-semitic policies. In another recently published article, In the Shadow of Wansee, we see the secret plan that the legitimate Nazi government devised to list every Jew in the world and to exterminate each one. The document was was marked Top Secret, and only 30 copies were ever produced. Most of the documents were destroyed but copy #16 of 30 of the Wansee protocol still survives. It is worth looking at. Interestingly, the author notes:

“All genocides have been couched in euphemism and their memory, after the fact, subject to political and mendacious assault. The victims are thus twice murdered, first physically and again as their name is erased from history – a phenomenon I have called memoricide.”

Apparently the perpetrators, although convinced of the rightness of their efforts, still want to hide their deeds, and maintain some shame about their efforts.

The Nazi engineered Holocaust exposed anti-semitism, Jew hatred for the dangerous racist creed that it is. Everyone now knows about anti-semitism. Its current rise and contemporary implications must be squarely addressed by individuals, institutions and governments. We all have to do our part, and we can only do this if our eyes and ears remain open.

I invite your comments regarding your experience, wherever you are, and what you are doing about it where you are.

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