Confronting BDS Today: SPME conference, Baltimore

In May of this year, with several students, I attended a conference sponsored by Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) and the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists at the University of Baltimore Law School on Confronting  BDS – the radical left wing Palestinian movement to boycott Israel on campus.

Richard Landes, a renowned historian, put forth the ideological underpinnings of BDS as more of a secessionist religion of converts that believe in its mission as an ideological utopia rather  than as an intellectual debate. This is the only thing that makes sense when you experience the stonewalling that anyone who is not in the BDS camp gets when they attend one of theses BDS meetings. Yes I speak from experience. Every year they stage a week of speakers as part of the travesty know as Israel/apartheid Week. They bring in speakers like Ali Abunimah and Steven Salaita. And woe to anyone who dares to disagree.  Attending their meetings, I have been accosted with the words “why are you here?”.  They know I don’t buy their party line, but sadly I am the only dissenting voice in the room. It is more like a church gathering than an academic meeting.

Alexander Joffe, a scholar and an author spoke about his research regarding the funding networks of the BDS movement and its links to the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR.

Jeffrey Herf, an intellectual historian, sociologist, political scientist and Professor of Modern European History shared the exact timeline and actions that took place in his fight to lead the members the American Association of Historians to vote “no” regarding  a BDS motion. His talk exposes the nefarious tactics of the people who promote these motions in an attempt to politicize campus academic institutions.

Allan Dershowitz, the renowned lawyer and retired Harvard law professor answered  questions from the audience:

Sadly the news about BDS was not new to me, however it bears sharing.  I never considered myself right wing or left wing but the lies and calumnies of the Israel/apartheid BDS gang that have proliferated on American and Canadian campuses need to be exposed and it behooves the Jewish community and the non-Jewish community to come to grips with the tactics and concerted efforts put forth by trade union/communist networks aligned with Muslim Brotherhood organizations that aim to divide campus communities and initiate and arouse unsafe, antisemitic environments for any pro – Israel supporters and of course for Jews, whether they support Israel or not.

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