Free Speech and Fake News on Campus

June 6th 2017

In this post I  explore academia, professors, and their legitimate sounding papers and books that may even use legitimate concepts but apply these concepts fallaciously. I refer to the left, using the ideology of "colonialism" to apply to Israel, and the Palestinian strategy of applying the South African ideology of "apartheid" to the Israel/Palestine conflict, and plain deceptive media like "Ele...

Eyeless in Gaza: how fake media works

June 6th 2017

The fake news coming out of the Palestinian Media and their supporters is often not at all reported or recognized in the Western Press.  A worthy documentary on this subject Eyeless in Gaza was recently released. I happened to catch it when it was screened by the Student Society of St.John's University, Manhattan, NY. The film reports that "In reporting the Gaza War of 2014, these quotes a...

Antisemitism: Rational or Irrational?

February 17th 2016

Antisemitism has been at times likened to a disease or a mutating virus. Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Laureate and Auschwitz survivor, made the remark, “The world has changed in the last 2,000 years, and only antisemitism has remained ... The only disease that has not found its cure is antisemitism.” (1) Where does antisemitism come from and why? Is antisemitism rational or  irrational. This...

Benny Morris at McGill

January 14th 2016

Benny Morris, the Israeli historian of the 1948 war in Israel, recently spoke at the first  meeting of this year's series of lectures sponsored by ISGAP, The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism Benny Morris, an Israeli historian, was the darling of the anti-Israel left for supporting the Arab narrative about ht In addition to describing both sides of the war, the players and thei...

Sources of Antisemitism in Islam

January 13th 2016

What is the source of antisemitism in Islam? What is the cause of Muslim antisemitism? Why have Arab countries and the Palestinians been so adamantly against accepting and acknowledging the Jewish narrative, the continuous Jewish presence in the Holy Land, and the Jewish state of Israel? Professor Mordechai Kedar, explains this very well: This was one of a serie...
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