Free Speech and Fake News on Campus

In this post I  explore academia, professors, and their legitimate sounding papers and books that may even use legitimate concepts but apply these concepts fallaciously. I refer to the left, using the ideology of “colonialism” to apply to Israel, and the Palestinian strategy of applying the South African ideology of “apartheid” to the Israel/Palestine conflict, and plain deceptive media like “Electronic Intifada”

Over the years, I have become acquainted with Omar Barghouti, one of the founders of The Electronic Intifada, Jewish Voices for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voices for Peace, Israel/apartheid conferences.

Here are some images of Omar Barghouti.

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And here is his bio on wikipedia:
Omar Barghouti is a founding committee member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel and a co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Wikipedia
Born: 1964, Qatar

Note that his first degree was from Tel Aviv University. He is identified with the website Electronic Intifada whose Home page has the following screen today: December 25, 2015 and is an example of the misleading media which employs classic antisemitic methods of lying and deception about the truth of what is going on.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 5.48.08 AM

Of course they don’t tell you that on Christmas eve there were three separate attacks, car jammings and knife attacks on IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians as reported here in The Times of Israel. The Israel news report lists the incidents, the attackers and their victims, and the condition of both attackers and victims.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 6.02.39 AM

This is how it was reported in the Israeli press.

One person was lightly injured Thursday morning in a suspected car-ramming in the West Bank north of Jerusalem, Israeli officials said, the third attack in as many hours Thursday morning.

The army said a car tried to hit soldiers and border police at the Adam junction next to the Rama army base. The driver was shot and killed at the scene, an IDF statement said.

The incident was the third attack of the day after two separate stabbing incidents, also in the West Bank.
Earlier Thursday, a Palestinian stabbed and injured two security guards at an industrial park outside the West Bank settlement of Ariel. Guards at the site shot and killed the attacker during the incident, police said.
One victim, 24, was listed in serious condition after suffering several stab wounds to his upper body. A female guard, also 24, was listed in moderate condition with a stab wounds to her upper body, according to police and the Magen David Adom rescue organization.
Less than an hour later, a Palestinian man attempting to stab soldiers with a screwdriver was shot and killed near the West Bank city of Hebron Thursday morning. The army said the assailant, “armed with a screwdriver, approached a checkpoint near Hebron and attempted to the stab security forces.” The soldiers opened fire on the man, killing him, the IDF said.

Sadly, Since September, Israel has endured hundreds of knife attacks and car rammings on civilians in many cities both inside Israel the West Bank. There have been many dead and many injured on both sides. However clearly the aggressors are the stabbers and terrorists. And the world media largely ignores it because of its anti-Israel bias. Some people call anti-Israel bias – antisemitism. So there you have it!


Ruth Wisse on Sholem Aleichem and Yiddish Humour

Ruth Wisse

Ruth Wisse was at the Congregation Shaar Hashomayim in Montreal, on October 22, 2012, talking about Jewish humour. In this clip she discusses the beloved author, Sholem Aleichem, “The Jewish Mark Twain” (1859 – 1916), and she analyzes his gift of humour and how it helped to define Jewish comedy and succeeded in bringing Jews together to this day.

Ruth Wisse is the Martin Peretz Professor of Yiddish Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature at Harvard University. She is currently writing a book on Jewish Humour which will be published next year.

This was one of a number of lectures presented by the Shaar Hashomayim as part of their Tuesday night learning seminars. For more visit their events calender.


Alan Dershowitz Delegitimization of Israel: Video in Four Parts

Alan Dershowitz, Yale graduate, Harvard law professor, who considers himself a dyed in the wool liberal, spoke about the current dynamics of de-legitimization of Israel in Europe, the US, and on college campuses  at the Shaar Hashomayim, (Montreal 9/15/2011) – Defending Israel from a Liberal perspective.The full lecture which included a dialogue between Allan Dershowitz and Irwin Cotler, the Liberal MP, former Canadian justice minister, law professor and human rights activist discussing the current state of affairs in Israel and the Middle East is captured below in four parts.

Part two of the talk reviews Dershowitz’ experiences in Europe, where he is blackballed by universities from speaking and has had to suffer the accusations that “Israel is worse than the Nazis!!!!”. The inroads that Arab Islamists and Palestinians have made towards delegitimizing Israel are truly shocking as per Dershowitz’ experiences in Europe.

(Parts 3 and 4) a discussion between Allan Dershowitz and Irwin Kotler is also worth watching as it shares the experiences of two individuals, both law professors, one a former Canadian minister of justice and a current member of the Canadian parliament, who have confronted these issues over many years.


Why Yiddish?

As many of you know I am working on a documentary on the transmission of Yiddish since the Holocaust. Many people say to me, Yiddish? Why? Of what use is it? Yiddish was the day-to-day language of 11 million Jews living in Northern Europe, from France to Russia, for over a thousand years. The Holocaust caused the deaths of millions of European-born Jews many of whom spoke Yiddish. Yiddish in our time could easily be lost to us since the primary  language of the Jewish people has now become Hebrew, the national language of Israel. Hebrew, the language of our holy texts, the Torah, has been revived as a spoken language during the last century and is the official language of Israel, spoken by Israelis. Most of the Jewish world now lives and breaths in Hebrew.

Yiddish a tale of Survival

Yiddish a tale of Survival

So of what use is Yiddish? Israel Bercovicci wrote … it is through Yiddish theatre that “Jewish culture entered in dialogue with the outside world,”both by putting itself on display and by importing theatrical pieces from other cultures. So “Is Yiddish important”? Is culture important? Is being Jewish important? Only you can answer that question.

In my documentary I focus on the lives of three characters who have devoted their lives to ensuring the survival of Yiddish: Shmuel Atzmon, a Holocaust survivor; Bryna Wasserman, a second generation Yiddish artist, and Milena Kartovsky, a third generation Yiddish performer from Paris.

So, is Jewish history and literature important? If your answer is yes! that Yiddish is part of the Jewish legacy! and you feel it is important to appreciate the story of Yiddish in our time with future generations, I invite you to watch this important documentary about Yiddish which talks about the transmission of Yiddish from generation to generation in North America, in Israel, and in Europe.


Jerusalem Post Conference: Elyezer Shkedy

jewish people I recently attended the Jerusalem Post conference and videotaped it in its entirety. I personally resonated with the talk of Elyezer Shkedy since he and I share some personal history. His father is a sole survivor of a Hungarian family and my family, also, is Jewish, Hungarian, and survived those terrible times.

Elyezer Shkedy just happens to be the current CEO of El Al, Israel Airlines, and the former chief of the the Israeli Air Force. The theme of the conference was building the Zionist Dream and he exemplified this in the talk below.

Here is his talk in its entirety: I think you will enjoy it.

Natan Sharansky in Montreal, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Conscience

Here is a short video from the end of his talk to Hillel students in Montreal


Natan Anatoly Sharansky spoke to students at Hillel House and to the Jewish community a few days ago. Natan Sharansky is a Jewish activist for Jewish and Soviet human rights, a former prisoner in the Gulag, he was miraculously freed through the activism of Jews all over the world. After being liberated from the Soviet prison, he served in the Israeli government for nine years. He is now the head of the Jewish Agency of Israel (Sochnut). He spoke about his experiences.

He spoke about how and why he was arrested, what brought down the totalitarian Soviet Union. He explained that the human being has two needs which must be met, one is for freedom of expression, and the other is for identity and belonging. Identity is knowing who you are and what you stand for. This he received from his identity as a Jew. Jews were persecuted in Soviet Russia. Sharansky knew that he needed both his identity and his freedom:  If he were to acknowledge that he was a spy for Israel he could have gained his freedom. He refused. He was not willing to compromise on either front and he understood that all those who had an identity, i.e. who knew what they were fighting for, were his allies and friends in prison. His captors offered him his freedom if he would denounce Israel and his Jewish identity. He refused. The activist support of Jews in the US and Europe was what enabled his release and the release and exodus of hundreds of thousands of persecuted Jews from the Soviet Union. (I was one of those social workers on the receiving end of Russian Jews escaping from tyranny in NYC.) The softening of the Soviet regime vis a vis the Jews led eventually to the downfall of the Soviet totalitarian system and an extension of human rights to all Soviet citizens.

He also spoke about the inevitability of the Arab spring – the need of the people to overthrow  totalitarian dictators in Egypt and Libya and elsewhere. He explained that Egyptians are rebelling against the totalitarianism of Mubarak, and fighting first for freedom of expression: “If their only choice is the Muslim brotherhood or Mubarak totalitarianism, they will choose the brotherhood.” The test will be whether the brotherhood will be able to deliver on the promise of freedom of expression and tolerance of identity. So far there is already a prisoner of conscience, in Egypt, who has been imprisoned for speaking out against the military, Michael Nabil. Here, he talks about the Arab spring while interviewed by Irwin Kotler.

      1. Sharansky

He also spoke about the conflicts experienced by Jewish students on campuses all over North America due to the fraudulent claims of the BDS – Boycott Divestment Sanctions  and IAW (Israel/apartheid) movements that have branded Israel with the sins of South African apartheid, and made the Palestinian cause the poster child for human rights activism on North American campuses. Here is what Israel and the Jewish Agency of Israel is doing about it. They are bringing Israeli fellows to campuses and also inviting students to come to Israel for internships and study to learn the truth for themselves.


Addendum: Dec. 24th. 2011

I just watched this Chanukah video in which Rabbi Jonathon Sacks speaks about lighting Chanukah candles with Mikhail Gorbachev. I think you will appreciate it.

Highlights of the CIJR conference Combatting the Delegitimation of Israel

I am, as we speak, reviewing the footage from the recent conference, Combatting the Delegitimation of Israel, which my company videotaped. The morning was devoted to exposing the issues. Efraim Karsh pointed out the attempt to deny Jewish claims to the land of Israel, from its inception by the Arab states, Egypt, Trans Jordan and Syria, who were eager to divide the the current land of Israel and divide the spoils among themselves in 1948. Asaf Ramirowsky analyzed the history of the “refugee problem” and UNRWA, pointing out that UNRWA, the recipient of Billions of dollars has a life of its own, and has no interest in resolving the refugee issue.

Other enemies of Israel are holocaust deniers and leftist internationalists, both Jews and non-Jews who deem the creation of the nation state of Israel to be a “mistake”. Sally Zerker pointed out the anti-semitism seminal to the God of the leftists, Karl Marx. Barbara Kay analyzed the leftist intelligentsia in Israel that also sides with the leftist ideological camp.

Richard Landes, pointed out the “psy-ops” and “memes” that are part of the delegitimation war against Israel. Israel is being painted as the “Nazi Goliath” dominating the Palestinian David, because she dares to defend herself and her people with all means necessary. Mordechai Nissan, was the standard bearer for Jewish pride, as he pointed out the remarkable history of the Jews, a people, most loyal to each other, and yet also most aware, and concerned for others.

Catherine Chatterley and Charles Small ably described how the virus of anti-semitism has reignited in the West in respectable academic circles. Charles Small pointed out the danger of anti-semitism as it has a genocidal intent as regards Jews and Israel.

And here is Catherine Chatterley speaking about the resurgence of anti-semitism in our midst.

Prof. Krantz ended the conference with a resolution and a call to all of us, Jews, non-Jews, individuals, and institutions, to do everything in our power to expose and counter this situation in defence of Jews, and the Jewish State of Israel.

A Combatting the Delegitimation of Israel highlights video has been posted and CIJR will be posting the full conference talks on their website and is also planning to create a DVD for educational purposes.

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Multicultural Dinner – Fundraiser for Fondation Senegal Sante Mobile

Edit: The event was a great success! Thanks for coming out to support this worthy cause. Here are the photos from the event, which are now also all on Facebook. Visit our Facebook page to see the pictures and tag yourself or friends.

Fondation Senegal Sante Mobile is having a fundraiser on October 29th. The foundation was established by a friend of mine Shara Rosen to provide healthcare to Senegal’s most disadvantaged populations. Her medical background has made her well-aware of the needs for basic medical care in the developing world. Shara is a brilliant writer and has been a dedicated volunteer for American Jewish World Services in Senegal.

Title: Multicultural Dinner – Fundraiser for Fondation Senegal Sante Mobile
Location: Hotel Ruby Foo’s Singapour Room (7655 Decairie Blvd)
Link out:
Description: Multicultural Dinner – Fundraiser for Fondation Senegal Sante Mobile
With Music and Parables in English, French, Wolof & Yiddish
RSVP by contacting
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-10-29

The Fondation has accepted to furnish and support a birthing centre that is part of Gorom 1’s health complex. The centre serves some 10 villages and about 40,000 people. This pilot project will serve as a template that could be replicated throughout Senegal. The birthing centre will offer prenatal and postnatal care aimed at reducing the level of child mortality, which is now at approximately 151 per 100,000 live births in Senegal.  By comparison the rate of child mortality (0-1 years) in Canada is 5 per 100,000 live births. Further, for every woman who dies from causes due to pregnancy, there are about 20 to 30 more who suffer from short and long term effects of unmanaged pregnancies, such as obstetric fistula, ruptured uterus or salpingitis.  (Senegal Department of Health and Prevention, Division of Reproductive Health)  Prolonged difficult births can result in obstetric fistula, which make women incapable of controlling their bladder and rectum., which causes them to be ostracized in their villages.

But these are just statistics, there are women and children behind these number that desperately need quality maternal and child care services.

More importantly, in 2012, the Fondation will bring these prenatal services to the villages by way of nurse-animators that will work with village women to educate them on hygiene and nutrition and screen them for anemia, diabetes and hypertension.

Clearly this is a worthy project and the evening of storytelling in English, French ,Wolof and Yiddish sounds like great fun!

Hope to see you there.