CUTV and its slanted reporting and libelous behavior towards myself

I recently encountered two volunteers from CUTV at the Segal Center, where they were reviewing a play and inviting comments. They invited me to be interviewed and when I learned they were from CUTV, I shared with them my grievance with the station. The fact that since Laith Marouf has become station manager of CUTV, He personally called me a “racist” and barred me from participating as a volunteer, an action I consider libelous. (I had been a full fledged volunteer in good standing for two prior years)  and the reporting at CUTV has become slanted to support the Palestinian cause using student funds to advance these aims.

CUTV was started by Ralph Lee, a Concordia student, to further worthy causes in the community and it has done so over the years. However, recently I received this post from CUTV.

Date:     January 26, 2012 12:17:04 PM EST


Each year in May, Palestinian refugees mark the exodus from their homeland by a demonstration called Nakbah. CUTV covered the 63rd Nakbah demonstration in Montreal as one thousand strong gathered to educate the public on their plight. In 1948, 7 million Palestinians were expelled from their homes and their villages destroyed. 63 years later, Israel continues to occupy and colonize Palestinian land through the construction of Jewish only settlements which the protesters say is in direct violation of international human rights. Their slogan is a quote by Nelson Mandela stating that Palestinians do not want a state, they want “freedom, liberation and equality.”

I wonder if you can find the propaganda and lies hidden in this seemingly journalistic statement. For one, seven million is a gross exaggeration of the number of refugees who fled Israel. PS: They were not expelled and we have proof of this.

This is what has been termed “stealth jihad” and I wonder if Concordia students are aware that their student dollars are going to support this biased reporting. Many well meaning volunteers spend countless dedicated hours contributing to CUTV. They need to understand the direction that CUTV is taking and that certain members of CUTV, Laith Marouf and Laura Kneale, are pulling it towards. I know that you, dear students, would also want to address the issue of the student airwaves being hijacked.

On the subject of Israel/apartheid and the Boycott Divestment Sanction movement which has now been recognized as a slanderous and anti-semitic program against Israel, I invite you to listen to Prof. Gerstenfeld who spoke on this topic at Concordia University.

I invite your response and ideas for how to address this issue on our campus. Yes, I too am a Concordia student.

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