North Korea and the Death of Kim Jong Il

Just as I was writing a post about North America and the Middle East, I heard the news that Kim Jong Il has died. Hallelujah!! was my first response. North Korea has long been a Gulag that few people know about, let alone talk about. I quote below from the wikipedia page for North Korea.

Many outside organizations describe North Korea as a totalitarian Stalinist dictatorship with an elaborate cult of personality around the Kim family and one of the lowest-ranking human rights records of any country.[23]

This is equivalent for the North Koreans to the death of Stalin, a day of mourning for North Korea, a day of celebration for those who aspire to basic human rights for ordinary citizens wherever they might live.

The Jewish response to any death is, Baruch Dayan Emet. (Blessed is the True Judge). In most cases this rings with pain, but in this case it appears just.

Below is the testimony of a North Korean victim of the Kim Jong Il regime from the recent  Human rights Conference organized by UNwatch as a parallel to the Durban 3, UN human rights conference, dominated by human rights violators such as Syria and Iran. which took place  in New York City, September 2011.



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