Hitler et La Filette: Youth confronts the Holocaust

catherine shvets 2 Experience the Holocaust through the eyes of a young girl

Sonia Sarah Lipsyc interviews Catherine Shvets about her book “Hitler et la fillette” that brings us into the moving experience of the holocaust through the eyes of a young girl.

See it at : jQmtl Interview / Entretien avec Catherine Shvets sur « Hitler et la fillette », a 12 min video in French with English subtitles.


At the tender age of fifteen, Catherine Shvets was writing about the Shoah through the memories of her survivor grandmother. She addressed the important actions of nameless rescuers who saved a little girl, the theme of Shvets’s recent oeuvre , « Hitler et la fillette », éd Flammarion/Québec, 2010.

Catherine Shvets, born in Quebec of Russian Jewish heritage, is today twenty-one years old and a second-year student in philosophy of education at McGill University.Carherine shvetz-gf


JQMTL magazine des cultures juives: Quebecers – Who Are They: What are their Origins?

 Sonia Sarah Lipsyc est directrice de ALEPH, le Centre d’Études Juives Contemporaines de la Communauté Sépharade Unifiée du Québec (CSUQ), depuis sa création en 2009.  Sonia Sarah Lipsyc is the director of Aleph, Center for Contemporary Jewish studies sponsored by CSUQ United Sepharadi Commuity of Quebec. Below are several videos where she interviews French authors and persons who are relevant to the Jewish experience in Montreal

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting Prof. André Vanasse, a prolific writer, professor and well known Quebecois literary figure. Recent developments in the world arouse thoughts of concern about world order, migrations, religions, commerce, and how they affect the individual. André Vanasse’ expansive historical novel, La flûte de rafi deals with the themes of migration, both physical and cultural between Europe and the New World. It tells the story of  several generations and permutations of a family. The protagonist is a young Jewish man from Poland whose father is a “shochet”, a Jewish slaughterer, i.e. a man who is well versed in the laws and regulations prescribed for the slaughter of animals for food as prescribed in the “Mishnah” and “Talmud” – the compilation of the Jewish code of life.

The project JQ-Mtl was conceived and executed by Sonia Sarah Lipsyc. She is the interviewee. Below is the video interview in French with English subtitles.

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This is the first of a series of similar interviews with authors, scholars, and artists whose books, works and oeuvres touch upon Jewish culture in Quebec , conceived and executed  by Sonia Sarah Lipsyc in collaboration with AskAbigail Productions for the JQMTL/videos website – the JQMtl Quebec’s Jewish Arts and Culture Magazine, Le Magazine des culture juives du Québec.

The next one will be an interview with Marc Alain-Wolf about his current work Histoires de famille, histoires de guerre, which also has autobiographical elements about the search for identity in contemporary Quebec.WOLF histoire de famille histoire de guerreSonia Sarah Lipsyc est directrice de ALEPH, le Centre d’Études Juives Contemporaines de la Communauté Sépharade Unifiée du Québec (CSUQ), depuis sa création en 2009.