What’s going on at the New York Times?

third jihad

Having lived in New York City for many years I always revered and enjoyed the New York Times until l began to hear that some people were boycotting it for it’s anti-Israel reporting. I started looking at it more carefully and just today I noticed two disturbing reports that I would like to share with you.

Have you noticed the reporting in the New York times about CAIR demonstrating to have Ray Kelley, New York City Police commissioner, dismissed? The reason for the demonstrations is that he showed the film ” The Third Jihad.” as part of his officers training to anti-terrorism squads. I am very pleased that the makers of the film “The Third Jihad” have put out a youtube video documenting the smear tactics used against their film, The Third Jihad and  Ray Kelley by the New York Times reporter.


An article in Commentary Magazine also caught my eye, New NYT Jerusalem Chief Reaches Out to Israel-Bashers and again I lost all respect for the New York times’ choice of editors. It is reported here that the New Jerusalem bureau chief has been tweeting Ali Abunimah. I happened to have heard Ali Abunimah speak at the last Israel/apartheid meeting in Montreal. He has an impressive English academic accent. I could not believe what came out of his mouth as a response to a question I posed to him at that meeting. By the way, I audio recorded it if anyone has any doubts about what he said.

I asked him how he thought the Jews who have been expelled from Arab lands and are living in Israel would be treated after the Palestinians get to take back “their country” i.e. the current State of Israel. He said to me without a moment’s hesitation, “They would be welcomed back to the countries from which they were expelled” How bizarre is that? Can you see Iraq, Egypt, Lybia, Syria or Iran welcoming Jews back any time soon?  I wish it were so!!! And that there was free access, without fear of arrest and beheading, to all law abiding citizens, in all of these countries. Coming from The New York Times, it’s all quite shocking.

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