Cantor Moshe Kraus Speaks in Winnipeg (2017)

Pastor Rudy Fidel and his wife Gina were so impressed with Cantor Kraus’ memoir of his life experiences “Moshele: Der Zinger: How My Singing Saved My Life,” that they organized a week of events for Cantor Moshe Kraus and his wife Rivka to speak in Winnipeg.

I accompanied them on this trip as part of my new documentary featuring Cantor Kraus’ life story, which has many twists and turns.

On Wednesday, September 12, 2017, Cantor Moshe Kraus, age 95, spoke to a gym full of students at the Shaftesbury Public High School.

This event was a response to an antisemitic incident that happened in the school.

The students enveloped him with warmth and admiration for speaking out and sharing his experience with them.

The event was followed and broadcast on the CBC evening news that same evening.

On Sunday morning, Cantor Kraus was welcomed at Faith Temple by Pastor Rudy, Indian Chief Baird and Chief of Chiefs, Jerry Daniels, and a Klezmer band. At 10:35 min into the event seen below, Cantor Kraus shares another of his many stories about a Hungarian Bishop who visited him during the German occupation of Hungary during WWll.

Moshe Kraus has published a memoir called Moshele der Zinger: How my singing Saved My Life, where he shares his miraculous life story.