Highlights of the CIJR conference: Combating the Delegitimation of Israel

Efraim Karsh pointed out the attempt to deny Jewish claims to the land of Israel. Asaf Ramirowsky analyzed the history of the “refugee problem” and UNRWA. Sally Zerker pointed out the anti-semitism seminal to the God of the leftists, Karl Marx. Barbara Kay analyzed the leftist intelligentsia in Israel that also sides with the leftist ideological camp.

Richard Landes pointed out the “psyops” and “memes” that are part of the delegitimation war against Israel. Mordechai Nissan, was the standard-bearer for Jewish pride, as he pointed out the remarkable history of the Jews, a people, most loyal to each other, and yet also most aware, and concerned for others. Catherine Chatterley and Charles Small ably described how anti-semitism has reignited in the West in respectable academic circles. Charles Small pointed out the danger of antisemitism as it has a genocidal intent regarding Jews and Israel.

And here is Catherine Chatterley speaking about the resurgence of antisemitism in our midst.


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