Non-Jews Speak out about Anti-semitism

Recently I received an email with a link to this interesting article about the Italian senate convening in support of Israel.

Former president of the Italian Senate, Marcello Pera, expressed the Italian sentiment well when he stated that ”our Western democracies will not prevail unless we re-embrace our Judeo-Christian heritage.” He said that ”our support for Israel should not be based on guilt, but rather on pride in our common roots and values.” – “Defending Israel simply means defending our values and our way of life,” he concluded.

I was born after World War II and in studying history, I always wondered how were the Nazis able to pull off the destruction of over six million Jews and six million non-Jews (according to historical archives) in full sight of the whole world? This information was public and has become even more public though historical research of all kinds.

And I read the article: Rex Murphy:Ahmedinajad Gives the World a Lesson in Hatred. speaking about Ahmedinajad, of Iran who was given a platform for his Jew hatred and anti-zionism by the UN. He writes:

“Ahmedinajad is just the latest vessel of the oldest hate. How strange it is that he was speaking to a forum of the United Nations, the one institution built to dam-up for all time the baneful furies released by World War II, of which murderous anti-Semitism was the principal. Irony is far too feeble a term for this ominous charade.”

There are many others who have spoken out about these issues. Here is one of the most vocal and incisive, Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal speaking at CIJR in Montreal.