Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz

Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz was the spiritual leader of Congregation Congrégation Tifereth Beth David Jérusalem (TBDJ), a synagogue in Montreal (1996 to 2016). In January 2016, Rabbi Steinmetz left Montreal to assume the pulpit of a prominent New York synagogue, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun (KJ), on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

I often volunteered to film short five-minute sermons during his time in Montreal. I also share nine of Rabbi Steinmetz’s addresses on the Kehilat Jeshurun (KJ) website. I found each one exceptional.

In Cases of Difficulty

The Yachad Revolution

What if Goliath Had Won?

When a Fossil Comes to Life

Yizkor and Yom HaShoah: Between Past and Present – Pesach 2016

The Jerusalem of the Simple Jew 2016

Never Underestimate Hatred

Between Purim And Passover: Survival and Tolerance

And here are the 6-minute talks by Rabbi Steinmetz. that I video-recorded over the years

Rosh hashanah and Pesach: Can you find the parallels?

A Joke That Has Legs

Are You Addicted to Being Right?

How to Keep Failure from Becoming a Defeat, Rosh Hashanah 2011

Steve Jobs, Noah, and Living Outside the Box

One of the lucky ones – Rabbi Steinmetz Rosh Hashanah

The Power of Questions: Rabbi Steinmetz

Being Selfless – Rabbi Steinmetz

Life has no Easy Button – Rabbi Steinmetz

Teenage Moot Court in Montreal

CHILDREN’S Guilt: Who and Why?

Rabbi Steinmetz: Jewish community being libelled: Ad matai!!!

Prepare Your Heart Before You Prepare your Plans: The Lesson of Bamidbar, The Book of Numbers

Tradition Why?

The High Holidays: The Power of Now: Part Three: RISING TO THE OCCASION

The Power of Now:

Part one: The challenge of Rosh Hashanah

Part Two: The Pull of the Past


Does One Need a Sanctuary

Hamming with the Rabbi

What the Bible says about blaming the Victim


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