Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz’s Transformative Journey

Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz was the spiritual leader of Congregation Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem (TBDJ), a Montreal synagogue, from 1996 to 2016. In January 2016, Rabbi Steinmetz transitioned to a prominent role at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun (KJ) on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York.

During his tenure in Montreal, I frequently volunteered to capture short five-minute sermons on video. Additionally, I have shared nine of Rabbi Steinmetz’s impactful addresses on the Kehilath Jeshurun (KJ) website, each leaving a lasting impression.

These addresses include:

In Cases of Difficulty

The Yachad Revolution

What if Goliath Had Won?

When a Fossil Comes to Life

Yizkor and Yom HaShoah: Between Past and Present – Pesach 2016

The Jerusalem of the Simple Jew 2016

Never Underestimate Hatred

Between Purim And Passover: Survival and Tolerance

Additionally, I have recorded six-minute talks by Rabbi Steinmetz over the years:

Rosh hashanah and Pesach: Can you find the parallels?

A Joke That Has Legs

Are You Addicted to Being Right?

How to Keep Failure from Becoming a Defeat, Rosh Hashanah 2011

Steve Jobs, Noah, and Living Outside the Box

One of the lucky ones – Rabbi Steinmetz Rosh Hashanah

The Power of Questions: Rabbi Steinmetz

Being Selfless – Rabbi Steinmetz

Life has no Easy Button – Rabbi Steinmetz

Teenage Moot Court in Montreal

CHILDREN’S Guilt: Who and Why?

Rabbi Steinmetz: Jewish community being libelled: Ad matai!!!

Prepare Your Heart Before You Prepare your Plans: The Lesson of Bamidbar, The Book of Numbers

Tradition Why?

The High Holidays: The Power of Now: Part Three: RISING TO THE OCCASION

The Power of Now:

Part one: The challenge of Rosh Hashanah

Part Two: The Pull of the Past


Does One Need a Sanctuary

Hamming with the Rabbi

What the Bible says about blaming the Victim

In summary, Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz’s journey from TBDJ to KJ has been marked by profound spiritual insights and impactful discourses. As a volunteer capturing and sharing his sermons, I’ve witnessed the enduring impact of his talks on historical events, self-awareness, resilience, and various topics. Rabbi Steinmetz’s commitment to guiding and inspiring his community is evident in his diverse range of issues, reflecting his wisdom and leaving a lasting impression on those who have experienced his teachings.


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