Do You Know Who I Am?

Sais-tu vraiment qui je suis? Do You Know Who I Am? is a class project of adolescent autistic students from l’école de La Magdeleine. Over the school year, the students travelled to the National Film Board animation studio in Montreal and had a hands-on workshop on creating animated films. The students, divided into several teams, made 3-5 minute animated shorts on the theme: Do You Know Who I Am? Sais tu vraiment qui je suis?

Their teacher, Hélène Massé, conceived and executed the project and filmed and edited it by AskAbigail Productions.

You can watch it here:

  • Do You Know Who I Am?

    Qui es tu? This was a play created and performed by the collaboration of students from autistic and non-autistic classes, and from two different schools, the students of L’École de la Magdeleine,