The 2013 Montreal Film Festival

Over Labor Day week, Montreal hosted the 37th edition of the Montreal World Film Festival.

From August 22 – September 2, the festival showcased an impressive lineup of over 400 films, many of which were screened multiple times. The diverse selection included student film shorts and documentaries covering a wide array of subjects from around the globe. Topics ranged from war’s aftermath and the relationships’ complexities to epic tales of morality and immorality.

Cinema serves as a platform for people through documentaries or fiction. Filmmakers use their deep understanding to tell powerful stories that connect with the audience’s emotions.

One notable film that left a lasting impression at the festival was “Life Feels Good,” a Polish production by the emerging director Pierprzyca. This based-on-a-true-story film earned three prestigious awards: the grand prize awarded by judges, the public award as the most famous festival, and the ecumenical award based on artistic merit and Christian values. The narrative revolves around a disabled boy initially diagnosed as having no potential, only to discover his intelligence and awareness at nearly thirty years old. The film beautifully depicts the individuals who supported and stood by him since birth.

Another compelling work that captivated the audience was “L’autre Maison/Another House,” portraying two brothers grappling with the responsibilities of caring for their father afflicted with Alzheimer’s. The film delves into the inner worlds of the brothers as they navigate their own lives, their relationship, and their shared commitment to their ailing father. The filmmakers present at the festival shared that personal experiences influenced the script.

My documentary, “Yiddish: A Tale of Survival,” also received a warm reception. The film narrates the personal stories of three individuals enamoured with the poetry and drama of the Yiddish language through Yiddish theatre since the Holocaust. Notably, the movie resonated with a non-Jewish audience, highlighting its universal appeal.




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