Golda’s Balcony

“I commence with the redemption of the human race and find myself entrenched in the munitions business… We aim to thrive. Our neighbours harbour intentions for our demise.” Quotes from Golda’s Balcony

The LAJ film festival presented an online screening of “Golda’s Balcony,” a compelling one-woman play now transformed into a film. The event included a 90-minute interview by Hilary Helstein with Tovah Feldshuh, the actress portraying Golda.

The play is a powerful exploration of Golda Meir’s multifaceted character—mother, wife, fervent Zionist, and the Prime Minister of Israel during the tumultuous Yom Kippur War in 1973. Central to the narrative is examining the war’s impact and the challenging decisions Golda faced.

Through its portrayal of leadership challenges, the play vividly resurrects history. The pivotal question arises: Will Golda employ the secret weapon, and what internal struggles torment her during these critical moments? In the interview, Tovah delves into her personal history, research, and active role in shaping this artistic endeavour—fine-tuning the play and developing the character with remarkable skill.

The film deserves recent awards because it goes beyond being a straightforward history lesson. Instead, it taps into a personal, emotional connection with memories, capturing the essence of individual experiences.

While the film reflects events up to Golda Meir’s death in 1973, its relevance persists today. It unveils the birth of the state of Israel and the enduring, agonizing struggle for survival that continues into the present day.

Tovah’s website offers various purchases for those intrigued, including a study guide to Golda’s Balcony or a DVD titled The Journey to Golda’s Balcony. Explore more at


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